Integrated Navigating Systems
for Civil Avionic
+ Current state
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JSC "LASEX" has in property manufacturing, test equipment and high-vacuum technique (inertial sensors test bench for laser gyroscopes and accelerometers, including multiaxial rotary tables, temperature chambers, special control software), machinery and computer equipment. All of facility is certified and passes annual inspection.

In structure of JSC "LASEX" is operating Quality Department, which is working under the control of Interstate Aviation Committee. JSC "LASEX" is a company certified for full-scale production.

There is not special materials, which need in hard-to-reach raw materials base in construction of integrated systems. Componentry are established with extended temperature range, which providers have essential licenses.

Industrial premises have necessary and sufficient clean room class. Production lines ensure machining process, assembly and control electronic modules, as well as assembly and gas-filled technique.

Main production capacities of JSC "LASEX" are on area of POLYUS Research Institute of M.F. Stelmakh, JSC.

At the factory committee IAC Aviation Register every 3 years working of the conformity of production control requirements of the aviation rules and standards in order to confirm the Certificate of Approval of the production of NSI integrated inertial satellite navigation systems.


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